• The Showroom

    The wide and well equipped show room, exhibiting all of the products for visiting & testing to the customers.

    Research & Design & Quality Control

    Research, design and quality control are the initial essence for managing an ever-lasting enterprise.

  • The Processing Works for Arm & Bed

    Many new type of vertical-horizontal CNC machines, consolidate the utilization of modifying the heads, beds in one process, it characterizes strict accuracy, high quality with good efficiency.

    Assembling & Test-running & Packing

    The standardized & reasonably working flow system ensures the high productivity and high quality of “GOLDEN WHEEL” products.
  • The Processing Works for Parts

    The processing for parts is controlled in unified operation system, quality-demanding is supervised in every single sequence.

    The Precision Machining

    The completion of such processing only cones after many tests and finally approved by accurate measurement.

  • Sophisticated Detection

    All the parts are processed by fully automatic CNC machinery center (vertical and horizontal). Grinding for both interior and external. Thus, quality is highly upgraded and manpower is economically reduced.

    DLC & Tin Coating Equipment

    Automatic CNC machineries are superior to the traditional ones. They are gifted witty the nature of high productivity, good efficiency and extreme accuracy.



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