CSA-2210XY Series

Electronic Programmable Pattern-Stitching Machine.(Sewing Area:220mmx100mm)

Applied with the touch control panel provided with programmable functions,which could ensure ease of operation & increase the efficiency in edit work.

Product Feature

  • The machine use the electronic type of thread tensioner to control the needle thread tension.The needle thread tension could be set & corrected in conjunction with the different sewing demands through the touch control panel.
  • Applied the encoder-controlled x-y drive stepping motor for checking the position of the feeding,could increase the accuracy & reduce the deformation of sewing and obtain the high quality sewing.
  • Thanks to the programmable intermediate presser,the lower dead point height of the intermediate presser could be changeable steplessly during sewing for the different sewing demands (standard:0~3.5mm;max.0~7.0mm).Furthermore,the intermediate presser height is maintaining as desired according to the sewing material thickness.(stroke of the intermediate presser:0~10mm,adjustable.).
  • Option:the monolithic feeding frame or the separately-driven feeding frame (right and left frame parts could be operated & adjusted separately.). :the single-stepped stroke feeding frame or the double-stepped frame (the feeding frame could be lowered in two steps).
  • Applied with the direct drive servo motor & the encoder-controlled x-y drive stepping motor,energy saving.
  • Use with:high speed sewing (max.sewing speed:2,800 S.P.M.), instantaneous acceleration(the max. sewing speed could be reached by the 2nd stitch from the beginning of sewing),instantaneous deceleration (before the end of sewing, the sewing speed could be decelerated instantaneously.), high efficiency thread trimming mechanism (controlled by the stepping motor),could increase the production efficiency.


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1. 2017-09-13 update CSA-2210XY Series Models Catalogue Download
2. 2016-03-07 update CSA-2210XY Series Parts Book Download
3. 2016-03-04 update CSA-2210XY Series Instruction Book Download



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